Services Offered

Growing Services

Our team of professional Horticulturists at Northwest Wholesale, Inc. are focused on providing cost effective pest control and nutrition programs to the fruit industry in North Central Washington.

Crop Consulting

Growing tree fruit is a complex and scientifically based process. The experienced Field Staff of Northwest Wholesale share the most up to date industry knowledge and horticultural practices with our grower customers.

Soil & Leaf Sampling

Knowing what valuable nutrients are in the soil and plant tissue is paramount to growing a profitable fruit crop. The professionals at Northwest Wholesale can assist you in gathering sample and interpreting the results to make the most cost-effective input decisions for your operation.

Pesticides Records Management

Maintaining accurate pesticide application records is an important part of modern agriculture today. Aprecs, a pesticide records management tool, is a proven effective method to manage your application records from “Field to Packing.”

Packaging Services

Our professional and experienced Packaging Supply division is driven to provide the fruit industry with the knowledge and products to maintain fruit quality to the consumer.

Inventory Management

Our Staff can assist you in tracking your inventory and predicting demand to effectively reduce your cost of carrying excess inventory.

Custom Design Packaging

Beginning with your vision and ideas, our Packaging Supply division can assist you in designing packaging that enhances the natural appeal of your product and differentiates your brand in the marketplace.

Product Delivery

We are dedicated to the success of our Growers and Packers, on-time product delivery is our goal.
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